EYES: brown  |  HAIR: (usually) brown  |  HEIGHT: 5’8  |  WEIGHT: 135…


By now if you’ve guessed I’m an actor, you wouldn’t be wrong. I’m also an animal lover, athlete and avid Andrea Martin fan - and those are just the a’s.  But above all skills, talents, and interests, I strive to be as generous as I can: true fact. If there’s anything I’m good at in this life, it’s my ability to give, both as an artist and as a human being. When an opportunity comes up, my heart, my humour, my curiosity and my passion are only select examples of what I will, without hesitation, lend to any creative project. 


Since graduating from York University (2006), I’ve been fortunate to hone my craft in various mediums internationally. The experience I have gathered and people I have met has been tremendous. My goal is to keep the forward momentum! 


Once an athlete, always an athlete, and I remind myself everyday that this business is not a sprint, but a marathon and to keep training in between. When I'm not on stage or in front of the camera, you can catch me racing around the city to and from auditions, working on self tapes with one of my favourite mentors, spinning my heart out, or trying to pump some iron with some fabulous fitness coaches in the east end of the city. 

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" You give but little when you give of your possessions.

It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. " 

- Kahlil Gibran




"Giving, exploring, and crafting her character with such beautiful specificity, there is no one more dedicated to the project and no one who approaches it with a more voracious appetite for the work.

Jill has a keen understanding of the vulnerability an actor must have in

order to fully portray her work. It is this vulnerability that makes for an open and honest actor, which Jill is."


- Dave Lafontaine, Director & Producer (UNIT 102 Co.)

“Jill is a powerful and generous actor who brings intelligence and presence to her work.


A dependable and disciplined team-player, she is a pleasure to work with.”


Helen-Claire Tingling,


(Living Will Co.)

""Jill consistently shows up with a professional attitude; ready to give and play and experiment- skills I so value in an actor I am partnering with. I can always rely on her to play her comedy straight and to mine the material for the right beats and tone.""


- Yael Staav, Film & Commercial Director

(Soft Citizen)

"Her level of skill as an actress combined with her impeccable commitment to the study of her craft speak to the great career Jill has here in Canada and will grow to have on an international scale. I can't wait!"


- Shonna Foster,

Director & Producer

(ShoRick Productions)

"Her dedicated collaboration with the rest of the company helped to bring the production to life. She has passionate and intelligent ideas relating to text and character and she always understood what I needed when we were working. Jill has the ability to build on initial concepts and translate them into action seamlessly. Her performance was sensitive, compelling and very charming. I truly enjoyed working with Jill – she’s a lovely spirit and a touching performer who is thoroughly committed to her craft."

- Vikki Anderson,

Artistic Director (Theatrefront)

"Having worked with Jill several times, it's a huge safety net to be aware of her incredible range, allowing for improvisation and last minute adjustments.  I still marvel when I see her work that I didn't direct and feel pretty sure that whoever directed her was blown away by what she added."


- Pete Henderson,

Commercial Director

(Somepace Nice Inc.)




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